Thursday, June 8, 2023
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

Safety Boat Procedures

Chase/Safety Boat Procedures


 Safety begins with the skipper and the crew.  It is a fundamental rule that safety is the responsibility of the skipper and crew.  The Chase/Safety boat or boats are on the water to render assistance and save lives.  Saving the boat is a very secondary consideration.  The Safety boat will first make sure all persons are accounted for.  The safety boat will then help right a capsized boat.  Lastly, after the racing is over, the safety boat will tow a disabled boat to the dock.


1.  The PRO is in charge.

2.  There is to be no race without a chase/safety boat on the course.

3.  The Chase/Safety boat may render assistance without the boat in distress suffering a penalty under the racing rules.

4.  When there is a Boat in distress

         First ask if assistance is needed

         If the answer is NO

               1.  The Chase/Safety boat stands by but monitors the course.

               2.  The skipper must right the boat within 3 minutes or the Chase/Safety boat takes charge and renders assistance.

         If the answer is YES


               1.  The Chase/Safety boat is now in charge with full autonomy

               2.  Try to make a quick recovery and righting of the capsized boat.

               3.  If the boat being rescued cannot sail away within 15 minutes or other boats are capsizing, then

                     a. Take the sailors on board

                     b. Secure the boat with an anchor and orange distress mark

                     c. Resume monitoring the course or go to the aid of others.

6. Our safety boats are fitted with kill cords – these MUST be used at all times. If in doubt about their operation please contact the PRO before leaving the dock.

There is absolutely NO exception to this procedure.


Chase/Safety Boat Equipment

 1.  Drain plug installed     
   9.  Orange buoy w/anchor to mark boat
 2.  Fuel – no less than1/2 tank    10.  Boarding ladder
 3.  Oil    11.  Boat hook
 4.  Lines – bow and stern    12.  Bailer 2
 5.  Anchor and anchor line    13.  Fenders
 6.  Life jackets for all aboard    14.  Radio
 7.  Throwable flotation with line attached    15.  Thermal Blanket
 8.  Sound making device    16. Fire extiguisher

At the end of the day make sure all required equipment is accounted for.  If anything is missing or not working report it to the PRO so it can be replaced or repaired.   TURN OFF BATTERY ISOLATOR SWITCH and all radios in boat

As from 2018 - all engine keys must be returned to the Race Control shed after  each days racing session  - don't leave them overnight in the engines.

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