Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

Primary Safety Boat Assignments for 2020-2021

 Safety & Race Team Duty Assignments

2021- 2022     provisional (june 18 2021)    NB - as per federal law 2021 - and LESC Club Rule

drivers of power boats MUST wear the engine cut off switch whilst the boats are under way

Dec 1  MC-6Club Races 7Hartge MC hc
  Fleet Assignments
  Safety/ Race Team Assignments
FS Labor Day Series  Open   FS  P & J  Burke 
 Sep 5   FS  Labor Day Series
 Open   FS  P&J Burke
Sep 11   MC-1 Club Race 1 Keenan
  MC / Hollis /   Pirate
Sep 12   MC-2 Club Race 1
  MC /Monty S / PIrate 
Sep 25   W-1 Club Race 2
Sep 26   W-2 Club Race 2
 Oct 2
FS-1 Club Race 3 Keenan   FS Dave Asibene & Sherry
Oct 3 FS-2 Club Race 3 Keenan   FS bob Cole


Oct  16   MC-3 Club  Race 4 
 Keenan   MC/ Chris Andert /K Fellis
 Oct 17    MC-4 Club Race 4  Keenan   MC/Ken Fellis/ Bob Cole

 Oct 23/24   ALL New Event   Central Fl Lake Champs
OPEN   PIrate Hollis C, Craig Y, Buff M
Oct  30   FS-3 Club Race 5 Keenan FS Gillis 
Oct 31    FS-4 Club Race 5 Keenan   FS Gillis


  W-3 Club Races 6 Hartge    Wayfarers
 Nov   7    W-4  Club Races 6   Hartge                  Wayfarers 
Nov 13-14   FS+W 27th MC Scow SER Championship Regatta    FS +Wayfarers

Nov 27    MC-5  Club Races 7 & Round the Lake
 Hartge   MC Rob Clayton & Pirate
Nov   28   MC-6   Club Race 7  Hartge   MC Connie & Don  + pirate
Dec 11
Club Races 8
  FS Ed Koplin, Pirate
 Dec 12   FS-6
Club Races 8
 Hartge   FS Rob Krentrel, Pirate
 Jan 1   2022
Jan 9   W-5 Club Races 9      
Hartge    Wayfarer sp
 Jan 10   W-6  Club Races 9     
 Hartge    Wayfarer sp
Jan  23   FS-7
Club Races 10          sp
  FS Armes Howells
Jan 24   FS-8
Club Races 10              sp 
Norton   FS Benisek
Jan 29,30,31   FS
 MC Scow Train Wreck  Regatta
 Feb 5,6,7   FS
  Wayfarer Mid-Winters Championship Regatta    FS 
Feb  13,14   new date Junior GWBR   LEYSF
Feb 20-21   MC GWBR  Norton   MC
 Feb 27
FS-9 Club Race 12   Norton FS DM / Pirate
Feb 28   FS-10 Club Race 12  
Norton   FS Gaitan / Pirate 
Mar  6   W-7
Club Race 13
Norton   Wayfarers
Mar 7   W-8
Club Race 13
Norton   Wayfarers
Zenda U
 Mar 11,12,13   W+FS 46th MCSA Mid-Winter Championship
Regatta   FS & Wayfarers 
20   FS-11
Club Races 14      
Collene   FS Beck  & O'malley
Mar 21   FS-12
Club Races 14      
Collene   FS Beck & O'malley
 Mount Dora Annual Sailing
 Apr 10   FS-13 Club Races 15  
Collene   FS
 Apr 11   FS-14
Club Races 15 
Collene   FS
24   MC-9
Club Races 16 and AGM
Collene   MC Craig Eaton  / rmede Cole
Apr 25   MC-10
Club Races 16  Collene   MC Craig Eaton / rmede Cole
 May 1
FS-15  Club Races 17
Collene   FS Monty ,Pirate
May 2   FS-16  Club Races 17
Collene   FS /Monty / Pirate

15   FS-17
Club Races 18
Collene   FS /  Pirate, Toy p /Monte
May 16   FS-18
Club Races 18
 Collene   FS / Pirate tony P / Monte
29   MC Memorial Day Series
  MC  Dave Helmick
May 30   MC Memorial Day Series
Open   MC Dave Helmick

What if I can't be there?

If you cannot come to the club when you are assigned safety boat duty, do the following:

1) You must contact your Fleet Captain and follow his instructions for getting a replacement.

2) Fleet Captains, please email  David Leather  if a switch is made so that this list can be updated.




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