Friday, June 9, 2023
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL


The Wayfarer fleet uses the low point scoring system per the Racing Rules of Sailing.

There are no throw outs.

On days when Wayfarers are doing safety boat duty, races will not be scored.

The season is divided into three series of equal length. (6 week ends for each series as shown in the LESC racing schedule).  Series scores are totaled for the fleet championship.

Boats not racing in a particular race are scored one point more than the number of boats racing in that race.  This clarifies/modifies Rules A9 and A4.2

Non-class boats are welcome to race with us, but are scored on a fractional system and are not "officially” ranked.

The Club typically sails 3 races on club race days, but only the first two are scored for the Wayfarer fleet purposes.

Anyone sailing under a sail number different than their usual number is responsible to let the scorer know.

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