Friday, June 9, 2023
Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

Shot of the Month

March 2013

Photo by John Cole

Club Photos

John Cole has set up a new share site on Shutterfly to upload photos that he has captured from happenings "racing" around the club. So visit whenever you have a chance to see the latest happenings at the links below: - October Wildcat Regatta  - January 2017 Wayfarer Trainwreck Regatta

February 2017

A few photo's from the 2017 GWBR

December 2016

Gus being awarded the well deserved Frank Keenan award at the Annual Christmas party Another picture from the Sonic Splash Velalago Regatta.

A short video by John Cole from the Sonic Splash Velalago  Regatta  


September 2016

Just a few pictures of happenings around the club in September.  


Gus fighting the never ending battle with the weeds, and Treasurer, Jerry, reviewing the books in the sunshine

A short Video by Gus from the Summer Saturday Sailing.

More Club Photos

Wayfarer Midwinters

MC Train Wreck

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