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Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Eustis, FL

2017-18 MC Class Race Results


2016-2017 MC Class Race Results

All About the Melges MC Scow and Fleet #4

   About the MC Scow Fleet #4


We are the “Southern-Most” fleet of MC Scows based at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club (LESC) in Eustis, Florida. We race every other weekend on Lake Eustis along with other fleets (Flying Scots, Wayfarers, and Open Portsmouth). If you have not visited the Lake Eustis website, take the opportunity! LESC offers boat-loan programs, clubhouse and boat storage, and a junior sailing program for all of its members!

Fleet 4 is one of the oldest MC fleets and has been a fixture on Lake Eustis for 20 years. We have a showing of 12-25 boats on any given race day with 35 Fleet 4 MCs! Want to try an MC? We'll find you a boat for trial. New to the MC or sailing? You'll find our group is always happy to give advice and we have many practice races. We are also beginning a program to keep newer skippers alongside more experienced ones for longer periods of time. So if you haven't been an MC'er and you live in Florida, come on by and try one.


                   Here is a video of Eric Hood telling you about the MC Scow

                  Now that you know all about a Melges MC Scow. Come Race with us.

                  MC's lined up and ready to go        80 boats starting at the 2012 Midwinter's   Mark rounding is always a lot of fun   


   Back down wind, I have to catch up !          It pays to race with friends                 Close finishes are very common

After a fun day of sailing an MC at Lake Eustis

Contact Fleet Captain Bob Cole  for more details and a Trial membership

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