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2016-17 End of Season Wrap-Up - Friday, June 09, 2017

The final results for the 2016-2017 season are in! Inattention, sailed by Ray, with Edward and Ben as crew, dominated both the Saturday and the Sunday Series. The 2nd place boats in both cases having nearly twice the point total. Statistically, this year was , in many ways, better than last year, with the numbers of boats on the water and participation in general.

As mentioned, Inattention wins the Saturday Series. Space Fish takes the number two spot. Rob often sailed single-handed, (He still thinks a Scot is a Laser!), but also with crew, Amy and Bill. The 3rd place trophy goes to August Moons, with Gus at the helm, and Candi as crew. Only one point behind 3rd were two Scots tied at 20 points. Ghost, sailed by Dave and Arial, won the tie-breaker, and Sailife, with Francois and Sherry, gets the 5th spot.

Top honors for the Sunday Series are a repeat of the Saturday Series. Inattention, with Ray and company, wins again! The 2nd place honors go to Ghost, with Dave and Arial. Completing the trophy slots, in 3rd place, is Space Fish, sailed by Rob. Rounding out the top five is Sailife, with Francois and Sherry, and Orion, sailed by Dave, Davy, and Fred.

Only four boats managed to sail in every series this year and, no surprise, they are the top four finishers for the Flying Scot Club Championship. Of the eight series, Inattention grabbed four 1st places and two 2nds, to win the Club Championship for the 2016-17 season. Congratulations Ray, Edward, and Ben! Ghost is the 2nd place Scot, placing 1st in three series. Great job, Dave and Arial. Space Fish, sailed by Rob and occasional crew Amy and Bill, wins the 3rd spot in the Championship. Francois and Sherry, on Sailife, are in 4th place, and August moons, with Gus and Candi win the number 5 position.

LESC also had a group traveling to the Florida District Regatta Series Circuit this season. All four Scots placed in the top ten for the series. Topping the list is Bottsyacht, sailed by Scot and Jeff, taking 6th place. Ghost, with Dave and Arial, take 7th, and one point back, in 8th, is Orion, sailed by Dave and Fred. Henry and Sherry, sailing FS 4925, are in the 9th spot. There were seven regattas in the series, and the best four were scored.

Now for the fun stats for this year;

  • As of the end of the season, there are 32 Flying Scots in Fleet 150. We are the largest fleet at LESC.
  • 26 different Scots sailed in club races this season. That breaks last year's record of 24.
  • 25 different Scots sailed in the Saturday Series. That is a new record.
  • 19 different Scots sailed in the Sunday Series. That is also a new record.
  • The largest, single-day turnout was on Saturday, February 11, just before the GWBR. 15 Flying Scots showed up to race.
  • There were 35 Flying Scots sailing in this year's GWBR, down from the record 41 of last year.
  • 16 LESC sailors sailed in the 2017 GWBR.
  • The average number of different boats in the Saturday Series was 16. (Averaging the number of different boats in each named series.)
  • The average number of different boats in the Sunday Series was 13.5.
  • The average number of different boats in the combined Saturday & Sunday Series was 14.75.
  • There are 36 sailing days in our season, and we raced on 27 of those.
  • There are 108 possible races in a season, and we sailed in 71 of those this year. Coincidentally, this is the same as last year.



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