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End of Season Wrap-Up - Friday, June 09, 2017

The final results for the 2016-2017 season are in! Inattention, sailed by Ray, with Edward and Ben as crew, dominated both the Saturday and the Sunday Series. The 2nd place boats in both cases having nearly twice the point total. Statistically, this year was , in many ways, better than last year, with the numbers of boats on the water and participation in general.

As mentioned, Inattention wins the Saturday Series. Space Fish takes the number two spot. Rob often sailed single-handed, (He still thinks a Scot is a Laser!), but also with crew, Amy and Bill. The 3rd place trophy goes to August Moons, with Gus at the helm, and Candi as crew. Only one point behind 3rd were two Scots tied at 20 points. Ghost, sailed by Dave and Arial, won the tie-breaker, and Sailife, with Francois and Sherry, gets the 5th spot.

Top honors for the Sunday Series are a repeat of the Saturday Series. Inattention, with Ray and company, wins again! The 2nd place honors go to Ghost, with Dave and Arial. Completing the trophy slots, in 3rd place, is Space Fish, sailed by Rob. Rounding out the top five is Sailife, with Francois and Sherry, and Orion, sailed by Dave, Davy, and Fred.

Only four boats managed to sail in every series this year and, no surprise, they are the top four finishers for the Flying Scot Club Championship. Of the eight series, Inattention grabbed four 1st places and two 2nds, to win the Club Championship for the 2016-17 season. Congratulations Ray, Edward, and Ben! Ghost is the 2nd place Scot, placing 1st in three series. Great job, Dave and Arial. Space Fish, sailed by Rob and occasional crew Amy and Bill, wins the 3rd spot in the Championship. Francois and Sherry, on Sailife, are in 4th place, and August moons, with Gus and Candi win the number 5 position.

LESC also had a group traveling to the Florida District Regatta Series Circuit this season. All four Scots placed in the top ten for the series. Topping the list is Bottsyacht, sailed by Scot and Jeff, taking 6th place. Ghost, with Dave and Arial, take 7th, and one point back, in 8th, is Orion, sailed by Dave and Fred. Henry and Sherry, sailing FS 4925, are in the 9th spot. There were seven regattas in the series, and the best four were scored.

Now for the fun stats for this year;

  • As of the end of the season, there are 32 Flying Scots in Fleet 150. We are the largest fleet at LESC.
  • 26 different Scots sailed in club races this season. That breaks last year's record of 24.
  • 25 different Scots sailed in the Saturday Series. That is a new record.
  • 19 different Scots sailed in the Sunday Series. That is also a new record.
  • The largest, single-day turnout was on Saturday, February 11, just before the GWBR. 15 Flying Scots showed up to race.
  • There were 35 Flying Scots sailing in this year's GWBR, down from the record 41 of last year.
  • 16 LESC sailors sailed in the 2017 GWBR.
  • The average number of different boats in the Saturday Series was 16. (Averaging the number of different boats in each named series.)
  • The average number of different boats in the Sunday Series was 13.5.
  • The average number of different boats in the combined Saturday & Sunday Series was 14.75.
  • There are 36 sailing days in our season, and we raced on 27 of those.
  • There are 108 possible races in a season, and we sailed in 71 of those this year. Coincidentally, this is the same as last year.

The next event coming up is the Summer Sailstice, which is June 24. Fun sailing and a picnic is planned. Also, the summer "rabbit start" racing is starting this Saturday, June 10. Racing starts at 1700. Keep your bottoms wet - get out and sail this summer!

Week 6 - Collene Series 2016-17 - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The passing of week 6 of the Collene Series completes the series, and ends series racing for the 2016-17 season. It has been a good year for Fleet 150. Though we have lost some people, we have also gained new members to the Flying Scot fleet. We are still at around 31 Scots, currently the largest fleet at LESC! The turnout at club races has been very good - often with 10+ boats on the line. After a few years of no one travelling to Florida District events, there has developed a small group of dedicated FS sailors going to district regattas again, (And they are doing quite well!). Hopefully that trend will continue. "Our" regatta, the GWBR, has attracted large numbers of Scots in the last few years - 35 Flying Scots showed up to race this year! LESC has gained something of a reputation for putting on a good race, a good feedbag, and a good party, (Also a rep for flukey, shifty, unpredictable winds - but that's another story.). We have travelers to that regatta from up the eastern seaboard, and as far away as northern Wisconsin, as well as from all over Florida. It has, indeed, been a good year!

Three races were held on Saturday, with the RC clocking winds at 5 to 7. Ray and Ben, sailing Inattention, took the day's racing with three bullets. Space Fish, with Rob at the helm, took the second spot for Saturday. Juan and Monica, on Jigsaw, win the 3rd place finish.

Sunday's racing saw only one race, with very light and variable winds. The RC had 3 to 4 for wind, but that seems a little generous for much of the race. Single-handed Space Fish picked up her first bullet of the year to take the day. Jigsaw came in 2nd, and Sailife, with Francois single-handing, was 3rd.

The series winner for the Collene Saturday Series, after thirteen races, is Inattention, sailed by Ray and Ben and Edward. 2nd place goes to Francois and Sherry, sailing Sailife. Gus and Candi grabbed the 3rd spot, sailing August Moons, with Space Fish only three points behind.

With the completion of eleven races, the Sunday Collene Series top spot goes to Inattention which, as predicted, jumped ahead of Jigsaw with RC duty compensation worked in. The difference between 1st and 2nd is 0.29 points! Juan and Monica, on Jigsaw, will be a force to reckon with in coming seasons. Rob, on Space Fish and doing quite a bit of single-handing this year, gets the 3rd place trophy. Sailife was four points back. The 1st and 4th place finishers were within eight points of each other. It should also be obvious that it often takes only showing up to race to keep a boat in the running. With the numbers of Scots sailing in each series, not showing up will give you a DNC with a powerful lot of points!

In addition to this being the last weekend of our club racing, it was also #8, and the completion of the Florida District Point Series Regattas, held at the Upper Keys Sailing Club, in Key Largo. LESC had two Flying Scots entered. Thirteen boats raced. Ghost, crewed by Dave and Arial, took 4th place after losing the tie-breaker for 3rd. Dave and Fred, sailing Orion, were the 5th place finishers. Honorable mention goes to Sherry, who sailed as crew on Obie Smith's boat. They made the top thirteen.

The Memorial Day weekend series is this coming weekend. Some sort of racing will be held, depending on the weather and the PRO's whimsy, along with a picnic after racing on Saturday. After that, the Summer Sailstice is June 24th.

Week 5 - Collene Series 2016-17 - Friday, May 12, 2017

With steady winds in the high teens and low twenties, and gusts reported over thirty, Week 5 Saturday of the Collene Series was a blow-out! Sunday started with good wind, with 9 to 11 in the first race. The next two races saw variable winds, both in strength and location. The big winner for the day was Orion, sailed by Dave and Fred. Orion got two bullets out of three, and 8 points. Second place for the day was Jigsaw, only one point back at 9, and sailed by Juan and Monica. In 3rd place for the day, and one more point back at 10, was Ghost, with the threesome of Dave, Monte, and Cheryl. There was a tie for 4th, with Inattention and Space Fish each with 11 points. So, for last Sunday, with eleven Scots starting in the first race, the first five boats, after three races, are within a 4 point spread! There's some good racing going on here!

The Series results, after five weekends, with ten races in both the Saturday and the Sunday Series, are as follows.

With no Saturday racing, this series remains the same. Sailife, with Francois and Sherry, is in the top Saturday spot, followed by August Moons, with Gus and Candi. Inattention is currently in 3rd, with Ray, Edward, and Ben, but there will be some serious averaging going on at the end, with Ray's RC duty compensation. Inattention could end up at either one of the top spots! Space Fish is hovering within striking distance of a trophy spot, at number 4. 

The Sunday Series has new fleet members, Juan and Monica, sailing Jigsaw, currently in the 1st spot with 12 points. Inattention is right on their tail though, at 13 points, and Ray will again be given RC duty compensation in this series. That will likely put Inattention in the lead at the end. Rob and Space Fish sit at 16 points and 3rd place. Worth mentioning is Ghost in 4th with 17 points, and Sailife in 5th with 18 points. After a series of ten races so far, there are five Scots within a seven point range at the top.

The next club racing will be May 20 & 21, the weekend after this one. That will be the last weekend of series racing for the 2016-17 season. Some of the snowbirds have departed, but there have still been some good turnouts - eleven boats on a Sunday, last week! Make the last weekend the best yet! get out on the water!

The weekend after our last series racing is the Memorial Day Weekend. There will be racing, but probably not the usual sort. There will be picnicking. The last hurrah until the Summer Sailstice, June 24.

All this is preceded by THIS weekend - Mother's Day weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there! And if you are travelling to your Mom's, or to your Kid's, please be careful on the roads. It will be a busy place at times. Come home safely - There's all this "stuff" to do in the next couple of weeks!!

Week 2 - Collene Series 2016-17 - Thursday, April 06, 2017

There was a good turnout for week 2 of the Collene Series - eleven boats on Saturday, and twelve Scots on Sunday! And that with a couple of Scots missing due to safety boat and race committee duties. Winners for the day, Saturday, were Dave and Arial, sailing Ghost, coming in 1st, with August Moons, sailed by Gus and Candi, taking the 2nd spot. Dave and Larry, on FS 5339 took 3rd place. The Series leaders, to date, are Sailife, with Francois and Sherry, in 1st place, Space Fish, skippered by Rob, in 2nd, and Ray and Edward are in 3rd place.

In the first races of the Sunday series, Francois and Edward got two bullets to take the lead. Space Fish, with Rob and Bill, are in 2nd, and Jigsaw, sailed by Juan and Monica, are in the 3rd spot. Be aware that the Scot fleet has safety boat duty two more times in the last four weeks of this series, and possibly some race committee work, as well. There will potentially be a lot of averaging going on at the end of this series!

It looks like the Port Charlotte April district regatta has had to be cancelled. The good news is that Lake Monroe is stepping up, and there will be Scots racing there as a one-day event. It will be on Tax Day - April 15. 

In other Flying Scot news, the annual Mount Dora Yacht Club Regatta was held this past weekend, and attended by a solid fleet of LESC Scots. Six boats went over to race. The winner was Ghost, with Dave M. and Arial. Nipping at Ghost's heels was Orion, sailed by Dave H. and Sherry. Robert and Bea took the 3rd place trophy. 

Lastly, but certainly not least of all, we are losing a long time fleet member at our club. Pete Smith will be moving to Kentucky to be near his family. He has been fighting health issues for awhile, and moving has become his best choice for now. Many of you don't know Pete, because he hasn't been sailing much, but his boat, the green hulled FS 715, was the very first Flying Scot in our club fleet! He will be selling his boat, through Ray, and he would like very much for it to remain an LESC fleet Scot, because of its history. That is the condition of sale - it stays at LESC. Pete is hoping to regain his strength and return to us and to sailing. Keep him in your thoughts.

Week 1 - 2016-17 Collene Series - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 1 of the Collene Series saw a continuation of this year's strange weather, with the "Too much/Too little" syndrome. The Race Committee clocked the winds at 13-14, and the gusts were even higher. Only four Scots chose to participate. Kudos to Blue Blazer, Sailife, Spacefish, and On the Rocks for even trying! The winner for the day was Blue Blazer, with Ray, Edward, and Jeff. Francois and Sherry, on Sailife, came in 2nd, followed by Rob, Amy, and Gus, on Spacefish, and Robert, Bea, and neighbor Jack, on On the Rocks.

Sunday was blown out, with the wind even higher. The RC chose not to race.

In other news, the regatta season for our club is finally over, with the completion of the MC Midwinters last week. That's not to say that there aren't some travelling regattas to attend. This weekend coming, is the Flying Scot Florida District's Space Coast Regatta, at Kelly Park in Merritt Island. This is #6 in the District Series. We have at least a couple of boats going. To see the SIs and NoR, go to  FYI, there is no online registration.

Also coming up is the MDYC's annual regatta at Mt. Dora on April 1 & 2. For registration, go to

Week 4 - 2016-17 Norton Series - Sunday, March 05, 2017

 So, the Norton Series draws to a close. But, before the results are posted, there is much stuff to get out. This is such a busy time of year for the sailing club. February and March are killer! For those who work the regattas and sail in club races, too, it is an "every weekend" thing! Starting with the Train Wreck Regatta and the Wayfarer Midwinters, going through our GWBR, and into the MC Midwinters, there is sailing every single weekend, as the club racing gets shoehorned into the weekends in between. I think we, as a club, do a pretty good job of this, but it's not easy on individuals. 

The GWBR, the George Washington's Birthday Regatta, went off without a hitch, with 82 boats total, on two courses. We had 35 Flying Scots on the line on Saturday, which is a huge number! Last year we had 41, but THAT was a Florida District record! I think 35 Scots is is a good number for some of the national regattas that are held for this class! We are doing a heck of a job here, putting on a good regatta, and entertaining folks to boot! It's a "rep" that we need to uphold. People are beginning to see this as a "destination" regatta for the winter months. The whole affair was a great success. John Cole and Mari Johnson have taken some GREAT photos of the regatta. Check out the links in the announcement, below, to see some good action shots.

Okay, back to the Norton. As this is being written, the first weekend of the Collene Series has begun. Busy? Yeah! The Norton Series had a small number of races in each series, (Saturday & Sunday), but it also had the most participants, due to the impending GWBR. The Saturday series had a total of 19 different Scots in it, and the Sunday series had 16. Ray and Edward, sailing both Blue Blazer, and Ray's shiny new FS6125, took honors for both series. Rob, sailing Space Fish, took the 2nd spot in the Saturday Series, followed by Gus and Candi, on August Moons, coming in 3rd in the Saturday Series. For the Sunday Series, Dave and Monte, sailing Orion, got the 2nd spot, and Rob, in Space Fish, took 3rd.

We have a huge number of photos of the GWBR, from John and Mari. Please check out the the links below to see them all!

John Cole Photography

Regatta Girl Photography

2017 GWBR Photos and Results - Thursday, February 23, 2017


                            2017 GWBR 'A' Course Photos 

                                 GWBR 2017 Results   


Week 3 - 2016-17 Norton Series - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week 3, the week before the GWBR, saw great turnouts to ho-hum air. Fifteen Flying Scots were on the line for the first and only race, Saturday. Robert and Bea, on FS 4921, won the race. Ray and Edward, on Ray's shiny new boat, FS 6125, took 2nd, and Francois and Sherry, on Sailife, got the 3rd spot. For the series standings, FS 6125 is in the #1 spot, followed by Sailife in the #2 spot. Juan and Monica, sailing Jigsaw, are in 3rd place in the Saturday Norton Series. 

Sunday's wind was better . . . for a while. Ten Scots came out to race, and managed to get two in, before the RC called it. In a series that is three weeks old, this is the first Sunday racing we've had in the Norton Series. Dave and Arial, sailing Ghost, got two aces, to win the day and lead the series. Ray and Edward are in 2nd place, and Francois and Sherry are in 3rd.

Week 2 - 2016-17 Norton Series - Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 2 of the Norton Series was a close match to week 1, except the Race Committee managed to get in three races on Saturday, even with winds in the mid teens. Ten boats started in race 1, and by race 3, only six boats chose to start. Ray and Edward, sailing Blue Blazer, took top honors for the day with a 1st and two 2nds. New members Juan and Monica, sailing Jigsaw, were in 2nd place, and Dave and Caroline, FS 5020, got the third spot with two subsequent bullets and a DNF in the first race. With throw-outs applied, the series standings have FS 5020 in 1st, Blue Blazer in 2nd, and Francois and Larry, sailing Sailife, in 3rd.

Sunday was a blowout . . . literally! Leesburg Airport had sustained winds of 24 mph, and gusts over 40! Racing was cancelled, but a few boats at the club moved around anyway. Multiple MC scows were blown over or off their trailers, and a couple of wayfarers and a Hobie were knocked about, a couple of masts were bent, and even some anchors pulled out. One Flying Scot that was not strapped down, was off its trailer. Other than the couple of bent masts, there was no serious damage. This harping about keeping your boats tied down is no BS, folks!

Last weekend was also the 4th District Point Series regatta at Davis Island YC, in Tampa. Same conditions! there was racing on Saturday, but Tampa Bay was not kind, and many boats retired. Seventeen Scots started the first race, and by the third, only seven were left. LESC had two representative boats there. Ghost, sailed by Dave and Arial, took an 8th in the first race, and then retired. Dave and Sherry, sailing Orion, hung in there for all three races and finished 5th overall. Good job, guys!

Three weekends from now is the GWBR - Feb. 18 & 19. Discount pre-registration ends at midnight, next Sunday. Get online and register! If you don't want to race, sign up for support help. To register and see the NoR, go to

Week 1 - 2016-17 Norton Series - Monday, January 09, 2017

The first weekend of the Norton Series was a bust, with a combination of high wind and cold both days. Those that showed up said there was ice on the dock in the morning.

We'll try again on week 2, which is Jan. 21 & 22. Bring your woolies as backup!

Last Weekend of the Hartge Series - Friday, December 23, 2016

Last weekend marked the end of the Hartge Series. By all accounts, the sailing was good. Both the Saturday and the Sunday series managed to race the full twelve races scheduled. Saturdays had the most turnout, with 19 different boats out racing at one time or another in the series. Sundays had 13 boats all together.

Saturday's wind started nicely enough, in the 9-10 range. But it slowly gave up, until in the third race, three boats were caught "TLE" at the leeward mark, as it slowly expired! The top three Scots for the day are the same as the top three Series winners. Ghost, with Dave and Arial, take the Series handily, with a max low score of 8 - eight bullets/eight races! Holding the 2nd place spot, at just over 20 points, is Ray, sailing interrum Scot, Blue Blazer. 3rd place belongs to Francois and Sherry, on Sailife.

Sunday was a good day to sail, with enough wind for all the races. Winners for the day were, FS 5642 with Dave and Davy Helmick, 1st, with two bullets and a deuce, then Ghost in 2nd, and Blue Blazer, 3rd. The Hartge Sunday Series winners are Dave and Arial, sailing Ghost and taking top honors. Francois and Sherry, sailing Sailife, are in 2nd place, and Ray is in the 3rd spot, sailing Blue Blazer.

The next club racing weekend is Jan. 7 & 8, and is the first weekend of the Norton Series. The next District Series Regatta is Jan. 21 & 22, at Davis Island YC, in Tampa. Check the Events schedule in the right column of this page.

Photos from Sarasota Jeff Penfield Regatta 2016 - Friday, November 18, 2016

In lieu of a write-up, here are some nice photos of a few LESC fleet members relaxing at the Jeff Penfield Regatta (District Regatta #2), put on by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Photos and permission by Amy Smith Linton. 

A good time was had by all!

Week 3 - 2016-17 Keenan Series - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

There was no racing in Week 2 of the Keenan Series, due to lack of wind. Week 3 started out with the tail end of Hurricane Matthew. Orlando was still under curfew on Saturday, and many others were in clean-up mode. The club wisely cancelled racing for the day. LESC was fortunate not to have any damage to boats or property.

Sunday arrived bright and clear and COOL! It was a beautiful day for racing! winds were from ten into the teens. Eight Flying Scots showed up to race. Three races were held. Past Commodore and new Scot fleet member, Dave, sailing with family David and Kristin on FS 5642, took the day with a pair of bullets and a deuce. They beat out 2nd place Ghost, with Dave, Arial, and Ava, by one point. Rob and June, sailing the newly named Space Fish, captured the 3rd spot, beating Jigsaw, with Ray and Kirk, by one point. It's going to be a very competitive year at the top! Not to say that the competition is any less fierce at mid-fleet, OR at the back! With a batch of new Scot skippers joining us this year, and those from last year working their way through the fleet, there will be no end to the fun, no matter what the skill level or where one stands in the fleet.

The next club racing and the last weekend of the Keenan Series is Oct. 29 and 30. Let's hope we get a great two days of racing to fill out this scanty series, and let's get a good turnout of Scots!

Week 1 - 2016-17 Keenan Series - Season Opener - Friday, September 16, 2016

Welcome back to another season of raciing! With our fleet membership hovering around 30, it should be a great year for competition, on all parts of the course! 

Mother Nature did not do much to help with our season opener. Winds were light and flukey all through the morning, on Saturday. At 1330, after most had given up and left, the PRO managed to put together two races before giving up entirely. FYI, the club Sailing Instructions allow for a club race to start as late as 1500. Ray, on Jigsaw, took both bullets, with Kirk and Chris, on Badselph, taking a pair of 2nds. Jeff, on Bottsyacht, and Francois, on Sailife, traded 3rds and 4ths, to round out the day. Gus, who would have liked to have been sailing, got stuck painting the PRO's pontoon boat. He will get scoring credit for his Race Committee "duty". Thanks, Gus!

Sunday was a complete bust for racing. The wind finally came up nicely in the late afternoon - early evening, and a couple of Scots took advantage.

Newly Discovered Photos of the 2016 GWBR Reach New Heights! - Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here's a little something to keep you occupied until the season starts!

Sharp-eyed Scot sailor, Chef Dave, spotted this scene recently, while perusing Google Earth. It would appear that the Google Earth Eye in the Sky captured the beginning of the 2016 GWBR! 

The LESC boat storage area, right after launch. The ramps are still wet, the tow vehicles and empty trailers from 20 participating LESC members line the far lane, and the empty trailers of the other 21 visiting sailors crowd the center island.

A nice view, from altitude, showing the whole area. The "small boat fleet" started before we did, and you can see them lining up along their start line. The Scots, San Juans, and Wayfarers are just milling around as the Race Committee begins to set the Scot course.

A little closer in, you can see the bee swarm of mostly Flying Scots. The Lake Eustis Sailing Club is in the upper right corner.

Closer yet, and looking just like stars in the sky! The "shooting star", to the upper right of center, is the windward mark boat, heading away from the Race Committee boat, to set the windward mark

You can almost see Dennis waving from the Polar! The orange tet for the windward mark is clearly visible on the port quarter, with the yellow, "Change Course" tet on the starboard side.

Thanks for a great find, Dave.

Meet the 2015-2016 Flying Scot Club Champions! - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Francois and Sherry, sailing SAILIFE, are the new Club Champions. Congratulations, guys!

Coming in 2nd was Ray Laguna, on Jigsaw. Dean and Nancy, on ED, pulled in the 3rd spot for the championships.

Finishing off the season with some Memorial Weekend photos, taken by Chef Dave. He also took the photo of our Champions.



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